5 DIY Home Decoration Ideas

5 DIY Home Decoration Ideas

For some people, home decoration means purchasing a lot of expensive items. For others, it means collecting different pieces over the years. How much money you ultimately spend on your home decoration will depend on the individual and the specific vision that you have in your mind for your design aesthetic. A lot of the time, some homeowners would rather focus on the finer details, like room accessories and textures, whereas others prefer to focus a lot of time on furniture and wall treatments. For example, someone may decide to spend more money on external doors, from somewhere like Doors Plus (additional info here) if they are looking to improve their exterior, but this won’t be the same for someone who is looking to update another room in their house. Big renovations can instantly change a room, but smaller tips can as well. The design of a room can easily be impacted with a few small changes, so renovations don’t have to be expensive. A home can be decorated by undertaking some small DIY projects. Following are 5 DIY home decoration ideas that can give a surprisingly new look to your house.

5 DIY Home Decoration Ideas

1. Polish or Paint Furniture

Old furniture often does not add much value to your home decoration. Most furniture, however, has quite a long life. So, instead of changing your furniture, you can polish or paint it. You might be wondering “How do I refresh my old cedar chest?” – fortunately, there are plenty of guides available online to help you with this. You will be surprised to see the dramatic change this simple DIY home decoration idea will produce.

2. Wall Decoration

Walk into any secondhand store and you will find a large number of artworks. Even if you do not like the artwork, you can buy these cheap items and use their frames. Just paint or polish the frames and use them to display your photos and drawings. Alternatively, put up shelves and have home accessories on them. This could be vases, clocks, or even personal items like Russian nesting dolls. Russian nesting dolls mean more than cracking each doll open and seeing what’s inside of each doll, although that is fun. They are a great statement piece and represent family and fertility. So, if you like items to have a dual purpose, this is a good one to choose. They also come in various colours so they can fit in with any interior colour scheme.

Canvas prints, in addition to DIY wall decorations, can be an option for anyone looking to upgrade their living room or bedroom. Split canvas prints may work best as living room decor, whereas lite canvas with your personalized photos may work best in your bedrooms. You can find a list of companies that can help you with personalized canvas prints or ready-made ones by doing a quick web search for cheap canvas prints uk (or any other place).

3. Use Plants

There is a strong possibility that there are many old but interesting items in your house that can be used as pots. With little modifications, you can use these items and grow beautiful plants. They add a lot of value to your house decoration as compared to their cost.

4. Printing on Canvas

You can have your photos and pictures printed on paper. But printing patterns on canvas give it a unique look. You cannot print canvas on your inkjet or laser printer but there are many printing services available that can do it cheaply.

5 DIY Home Decoration Ideas 2

5. Wall Designs

Painting one wall with a different color often creates a dramatic change in the ambiance of the room. If you do not like to do this, you can create a pattern on your wall and achieve the required effect. For this DIY home decoration idea, you can use stencils and a lighter paint as compared to the color on your wall.

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