6 Wall Decoration Ideas for Your Home and Office

6 Wall Decoration Ideas for Your Home and Office

Wall decoration is a great way to give a new look to your home and office. Walls can be decorated in many ways, and the cost can range from cheap to very costly. Fortunately, you do not need Da Vinci painting to decorate your walls. Your walls can look beautiful with very inexpensive items. Following are 6 wall decoration ideas to decorate your walls according to your taste.

6 Wall Decoration Ideas for Your Home and Office

1. Drawings

Drawings can be purchased at quite low prices. Many drawings have a light color, plain backgrounds. So, they can blend or contrast with your wall according to their colors. Just pay attention to your taste and the environment you want to create.

2. Paintings

Paintings can be expensive. However, there are many good paintings that you can buy at cheap prices. Do not buy sub-standard paintings, however. Paintings have often a lot of bright colors and create an impact of sophistication.

3. Photograph

Photographs have a lot of variety, and you can use photos taken by you or your kids with their cameras. Printing photographs is quite cheap nowadays, and fitting them in attractive frames does not cost much either.

4. Shelves

You can create creative shelves on your walls. Even ordinary items placed on beautiful shelves create a unique environment in your home and office.

6 Wall Decoration Ideas for Your Home and Office 2

5. Clocks

Most rooms have a wall clock, but the clocks can do a lot more than just showing the times. Clocks can be used as wall decoration items as well. There is a lot of variety available, and just choosing the right clock can make it a decoration item. Take for example, skeleton wall clocks. They are eye catching in design and industrial in style. Additionally, these wall clocks can really make a statement in your homes (whichever room you may choose). Those interested in adding some style to their indoor space might consider purchasing wall clocks like the ones mentioned above from web shops like Contemporary Heaven .

6. Mirrors

Mirrors come in different shapes and sizes. They can be fitted in beautiful and creative frames. Choosing the right mirror according to the ambiance of your home or office can turn a mirror into a home décor item.