4 Tips for a Condo Organized Through Visual Communication

People who work with the management of condominiums in a professional manner, or even those who have previously been a trustee of a housing type, know that these activities are routine to keep the place in order.

After all, when residents pay their condominium fee, they do so because they want to be able to enjoy them. It’s always important to remain within the limits, but they could hire condo design (or รับออกแบบคอนโด, which is the term in Thai) professionals to design their condo environment. It is also useful to find inspiration and take ideas from other successful and beautifully designed condo buildings – like the Kalea Bay condos in Florida, USA, for example.

Here are some tips for doing this:

Use orientation plates

The so-called club-condominiums are very much in vogue today.

As its name says, these places are much more than mere villas: the concept behind them is to have everything needed to have a good quality of life in one place.

Because of this, they often offer services such as:

  • Beauty services;
  • Sport activities;
  • Small shops;

Flag locations that should not be accessed

Although the condominium owners have free access to most of the premises, some are usually reserved for employees who work there.

This is the case of engine rooms, tool tanks and employees’ locker rooms.

There is also the possibility that some areas may be in maintenance, and therefore temporarily inaccessible.

Keep small utensils in order

Often, condominiums do not only have common areas: there are also commonly used objects among all residents.

Some good examples are balls for playing sports, party room kitchenware and game room accessories.

As they belong to everyone who circulates around the place, they also deserve care.

Have adequate containers for the trash

Some people separate garbage in at least two categories: dry and wet. However, growing concern about sustainability has made more and more cities practice selective collection. This means that waste is divided into groups, such as:

  • Metals;
  • Plastic products;
  • Roles;
  • Glasses;
  • Organic waste.

More than one garbage pots can be placed in condo.