Italian Doors

Italian Doors: Elegance and Quality

Italian designers around the world are legitimately considered fashion thinkers. They are among the first to find new trends in architecture fashion. In combination with high skill accumulated for more than a generation, modern technologies in the hands of experienced workers are able to do wonders and make reality the most unexpected fantasies.

The range of Italian interior doors is so diverse that you can talk about without stopping. Who likes quiet classics, usually choose wooden doors. Most of the time, these models are made in a single color scale. At the same time, doors can be deaf (without inserts) or have multiple inserts made of glass and other materials.

All Italian doors can be divided into two types.

1 – Mainly, some doors made of glued bursa with smooth finish. The door frame has a frame, also made of lamellae, but inside it is hollow. They have several classic colors, a smooth surface and belong to the economy class category. The combination of relatively low cost and excellent quality makes these products popular among the masses, not only in their homeland but also in the international market.

2 – This type of product includes doors that are also made of lamella screens, however, unlike the first type, uses veneer of more valuable wood species. In addition, here not only the box is made of the bars, but also the interior of the door. Due to the use of a volume panel and figurative details, the design of the product is more interesting. The price of these products is slightly higher than the previous group.

The color scheme of the interior Italian doors is quite extensive to satisfy the most demanding taste. The variety contains almost all the tonalities that only exist in nature: from pure white to charcoal black, from soft and clear tones to the most inconceivable colors.