cost of spray foam insulation

How to Choose the Perfect Insulation System

When it comes to heating your home there are many options. A HVAC system is often the most popular choice as it can heat a home very quickly. If installing a system with a company like you should absolutely consider your home’s insulation setup. If your home is not properly insulated to guard against heat loss and drafts then any heating setup you have may work less efficiently.

In many cases, home insulation can help save on a variety of bills so looking into your options is a must. Nowadays said options are getting wider. The effectiveness and results will depend on the material you choose. Therefore, our opinion is that you should do your own research and choose the right option for you. A good insulating system will save you a lot of time and energy. You also need to take into account the windows and doors of your home for insulation purposes too as they can leak out heat and cause more issues with your bills. If you do notice that they need changing then you may want to look into Centennial window installation or an installation service near your home to see what they can do for you.

As for options, you can choose from fiberglass, cotton, cellulose, mineral wool, and, what we think it’s the best alternative, foam insulation. A company that provides this type of insulation is Eco Spray Insulation. This system of home insulation is considered the best alternative because of a good number of reasons. However, we are going to provide some pieces of information about some of the alternatives available on the market.

cost of spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation seals the best

This is because of its chemical properties and of the fact that can easily adapt to any form it is sprayed in. Therefore, no empty spaces where heat exchange can occur. Taking into account that it can easily be sprayed around window frames, it will considerably reduce cold air infiltration in colder seasons. Therefore, with a perfectly sealed inside environment, you can be sure your heating bills and energy consumption will dramatically decrease. You will be able to make economies this way. This of course, provided that you regularly get your heating & cooling systems serviced by an HVAC company such as AirMAX in North Charleston or any other service provider where you live. Keeping these systems efficient along with good insulation for the home can work wonders. Moreover, your house structure won’t suffer due to moisture infiltration. This is a big enemy in every house and it can damage it badly. It causes mold and serious respiratory problems, as a result. In addition to energy-saving and temperature control, this insulation can reduce noise as well as improve indoor air quality. Thereby, it is best to reach out to any reputed spray foam insulation contractors nearby if you have such specific insulation needs. And on an ending note, this insulation can last you a lifetime, and by opting for it, you’d be protecting the environment for future generations too.

Coming to the pricing part, the cost of spray foam insulation in the attic is around $2.200. To see if you can add insulation to the walls as well as the ceiling for extra protection contact an attic insulation contractor.

Fiberglass insulation

It is the most common type of insulation. However, it is not as effective as the spray foam one, because it does not have the chemical properties described before. It comes from recycled sources, like glass turned into small particles, mixed with sand.

Cotton insulation system

Although it comes from renewable sources, it does not have the same result as the spray foam insulation system. Not the same effect, because it won’t fit perfectly in the available space, and on the window frames you will have to apply another form of insulation. It takes a lot more time to be installed than the previously mentioned one and the process can be quite messy.

Mineral wool insulation systems

This type of insulation is more expensive than the fiberglass and cotton insulation, but it also has a longer life expectancy than those. It is also available in the form of batts, and the installation process is similar.

When deciding on an insulation system, make sure you do the necessary research work beforehand. You might regret an undocumented decision. You might become aware of the faults some insulation system has only after installing it. Our advice would be to hire a professional company for solving this matter. Have a discussion with their crew of professionals and see what they recommend. By yourself, you won’t be able to choose the best option for your house and family. A professional team will be able to install the system in a timely manner, and a well-done job will last you a lifetime.