7 Desirable Features of a Home Security Camera

7 Desirable Features of a Home Security Camera

A security camera is an important piece of equipment to deter malicious people and to help law enforcement if something wrong happens. Home security cameras have evolved into affordable and effective security devices. Today’s security cameras are packed with features and available at affordable prices. However, the availability of so many features has made it difficult for an average homeowner to select the right camera. To help, we have compiled a list of 7 features in modern home security cameras. Please remember that your security camera does not need to have all these features. Just look for the features that make sense in your particular situation. If you are part of an HOA, you may want to talk with them about the possibility of having residential security, adding more protection to the area along with your security cameras. You can show them websites like https://communitysecurity.com/ so they can conduct their own research.

7 Desirable Features of a Home Security Camera

1. Field of View

This refers to the area a camera can cover. A camera with wider angle can cover more area and you will need fewer cameras to cover the required area.

2. Motion Detection

Cameras with motion detection can detect motion and send an alert to the homeowner. It is a useful feature when you want to monitor a place where nobody is supposed to be moving.

3. Resolution

Like cameras in your smartphone, home security cameras have a certain resolution. Higher resolution produces the imagery where you can see the objects more clearly.

4. Sound

Some cameras can capture voice, in addition to the picture. These cameras only make sense in certain situations.

5. Night Vision

Most cameras now come with the night vision capability. They are quite useful because malicious activity can often happen in the night. Power-over-Ethernet cameras like those offered by Deep Sentinel can be perfect for this, as they tend to have crisp resolution with clear night vision.

7 Desirable Features of a Home Security Camera 2

6. Wi-Fi

Many modern home security systems are equipped with the Wi-Fi. So, you do not need wires to connect these cameras.

7. Movement

Many cameras can move or tilt while the others are fixed. Home security cameras with movement capability can cover a larger area and reduce the number of cameras required to observe a particular area.