White Roof - Decrease Global Warming

White Roof – Decrease Global Warming

Adopting a white roof contributes to the construction of a sustainable or environmentally friendly house. The type of tile chosen to cover the roof may determine the success of the cooling system, for example. The right choice guarantees energy efficiency and helps to keep heat away from cities.

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White roof as a sustainable attitude

At the top of the list is the white tile (cool roof). The product is in line with the proposal of the Green Building Council, an institution that promotes sustainable technologies around the world.

White tiles models

The civil construction industry has been developing products to follow the global trend. It is already possible to find a diversity of models, with different technologies and varying prices. Discuss with Roseville Roofer professionals, they can suggest you most suitable products.

An example is the white tile with high reflectivity which considerably reduces the temperature in buildings and contributes to greater energy efficiency and less CO2 generation.

The result can represent a reduction of up to 6oC inside the property and approximately 18oC on the roof surface depending on the type of material and the climatic conditions.

This decreases the heat exchange between the internal and external environment, contributing to a reduction in the internal temperature and, consequently, expenses with air conditioning.

The product is more comfortable on hot days, as it offers greater efficiency with reflection of up to 20% of the sun’s rays. Another ecological option is the green roof.

Optimizing the white roof

The relative effectiveness of some materials employed in the roof can be got better with the paint on the roof, mainly fiber cement.

Paint the covers in a way, that is, top side with white paint and bottom side with black paint.