6 Points to Remember for Toddler Safety in Your House

6 Points to Remember for Toddler Safety in Your House

A house might be very safe when you are living without toddlers. But as soon as your babies start to crawl and walk, you must consider your home for toddler safety once again. That edge of the table you never thought of as a dangerous object might cause serious injury to a toddler. Following are 6 important points to remember when considering toddler safety in your house.

6 Points to Remember for Toddler Safety in Your House

1. Falling Furniture

Look for all the furniture that can fall on a toddler. These can be tables, cupboards, and bookshelves. If you have such furniture, either fasten it using anti-tip kits or put them away where the toddler cannot reach it.

2. Electric Outlets

It seems too obvious to point out the electric outlets. Getting injured by an electric shock can cause serious damage to the skin, tissues, and even major organs. This can occur when a person comes into contact with the exposed parts of electrical appliances and wiring (view this to learn the sources of electric hazards). Therefore, you may need to have an inspection of your household and make sure that your toddler cannot touch any uncovered electric outlet and there is no risk of electric shock. The same goes for any wall sockets in your home that are close to the ground – check for any loose wiring, etc. and be sure to go to Fixmatic Electric or a service local to you to ensure they fix this as soon as possible for you.

3. Ropes and Cords

Toddlers can easily entangle in and even strangle themselves with the ropes and cords laying around. Place cords and ropes out of reach of toddlers and keep cords on blinds and curtains up.

4. Medication and Chemicals

We usually have many medicines and chemicals laying around our house. Even usual household medication and chemicals can be dangerous if ingested by a toddler. Even nail polish remover and floor cleaning liquids can be dangerous for a toddler. Keep all medicines and chemicals in locked cabinets or in cabinets that are out of reach of your toddler.

6 Points to Remember for Toddler Safety in Your House 2

5. Small Objects

Our homes are full of small objects. It is quite natural for a toddler to pick a small object and put it in the mouth. These objects can easily choke a toddler. Some examples include coins and paperclips.

6. Sharp Edges

Many of our household objects have sharp edges: tables, bed, and cupboards for example. Inspect your room for the sharp edges and cover them for your toddler safety.