What Should I Ask a Landscaper?

If you have asked yourself “what should I ask a landscaper?” this is an excellent question. Your landscaping professional will have years of experience and knowledge in the many aspects of landscaping. You should feel comfortable asking any questions concerning your landscaping project, whether big or small, major or minor.



Landscapers come in all shapes and sizes from those who work on golf courses to those who have small landscaping firms. Your landscaper can assist you in any way that he or she feels is necessary. The first question you should ask your landscaper is what they would consider as basic information. Such as the amount of yard space that is available for you to choose from. You also may want to ask a landscaper for their opinions on designs and features that you are keen on adding to the garden. If you were potentially considering fun features such as a small fountain or even a custom fire table then it might be worth getting a second opinion from a professional to help you, especially if you were on the fence about anything.

The next question you should ask your landscaper is what type of equipment or machinery is necessary for the job. This information should be specific and detailed, including the make, model, year, and condition of your property. This is very important because certain pieces of equipment may not be available depending on where you live and or who you hire. The cost of such equipment should be factored into the price your landscaper offers you for your project.

You also might decide to ask your landscaper questions about the plans for the project and what their opinions are on your ideas. Your landscaper should be experienced, and so they might have lots of good ideas and useful opinions for your project. So if you were curious about things such as sod landscaping or even about the potential for decking and water features, then you might benefit from asking your landscaper about this.

What should I ask a landscaper about pricing is the same as what you would ask any professional contractor. They should not try to trick you into thinking there is a bargain to be had by pricing you less than what you would normally pay. You deserve a fair price for the job you are getting done. A good landscaper will take into account the size of your home, the square footage and any existing buildings in your landscape. They should also factor in the layout of your house and what will be needed for access and egress from your home to the driveway and garage. You could hire landscaping services like Lw Landscapes (click on to know more) to get the work done for your space.

What should I ask a landscaper about guarantees? A guarantee is a promise that the job will be done to the client’s satisfaction. A good Orlando landscaper will stand behind their work with an unconditional guarantee. This is a very important part of a deal you are making with someone who will be installing landscape properties on your land.

What should I ask a landscaper about insurance? This is an obvious one. Landscapers have liability insurance, which covers them in the event someone was injured while on their property. They also have property damage coverage which covers the repair and replacement costs for the property if it was damaged either on your site or another’s. Be sure you know what is covered and whether or not your insurance policy would cover you in this situation.