Tru-Outdoor: The Best Outdoor Accessory to buy This Summer

Whether you spend time in your backyard for gardening, entertaining, relaxing, playing with the kids, or a toast with your colleagues, you’d want some furniture and cushions to stay comfortable for long. Many people opt for something like poly rockers which are perfect for basking in the sun. After a long yet hectic week, nothing is more relaxing than gathering around with your loved ones and enjoy a drink or two in the backyard.

If you’re a fan of outdoor activities, having Tru-Outdoor cushions in your backyard might be the best choice you’ll be making this morning, afternoon, evening, or night. So, what is Tru-Outdoor? Keep following to learn more about this outdoor accessory.

Tru-Outdoor – A Comfortable Outdoor Cushion

Tru-Outdoor is an innovative outdoor cushion that you don’t have to put inside after you’re done in the backyard. Guess what? Tru-Outdoor is immune to rain, sunlight, and other weather conditions. Every time you decide to shift inside the house, you probably feel overwhelmed collecting cushions in rain from the backyard. Well, that is not the case with Tru-Outdoor.

There is no need to keep them safe in rain. It is highly drainable, waterproof, and doesn’t absorb moisture – making it the perfect choice for your outdoor furniture. If we talk about numbers, note that Tru-Outdoor cushions dry 10 times faster than everyday cushions.


Benefits of Tru-Outdoor Cushions

To help you get a clearer idea of why one must prefer Tru-Outdoor over other cushions, following are some key features and benefits of Tru-Outdoor:

  • Unlike everyday cushions, it doesn’t wear out fast.
  • Can be used for a vacation home, porches, pool areas, restaurant patios, common rooms, hotels, and backyards.
  • Made up of a special outdoor dominant material called Indura Spring which is immune to rain, sunlight, and other everyday weather conditions.
  • Highly comfortable and durable.
  • Can be easily washed i.e. both hand and machine wash.
  • Dries 10 times faster than normal cushions
  • Available in different colors and styles.

Overall, a Tru-Outdoor is a lot better than most everyday cushions to use in the backyard. Note that Tru-Outdoor cushions are thoroughly tested for their ability to dry up fast, preventing moisture, and remaining as good as new after being exposed to rain, sunlight, and dust. Sounds fair enough?

Who is it Made For?

Tru-Outdoor can be used for both commercial and residential use. To sum it up, it can be used by

  • Renters
  • Homeowners
  • Gardeners
  • Board members or condominium owners
  • Restaurant, hotel, commercial buildings, and common areas

Overall Thoughts

Overall, Tru-Outdoor is a unique product in the ever-evolving home improvement market. When talking about outdoor cushions, we imagine the same traditional cushions that must be washed several times in a month. But that is not the case with Tru-Outdoor. The ability to stay dry in moist weather makes it the best of its kind.

Last but not least, the manufacturers also allow you to exchange old Tru-Outdoor cushions with new ones. This is because the material used inside these cushions is 100% recyclable.

In case of further questions, feel free to leave comments below. Thank you!

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