DIY Garage Door Repair: How to Safely Fix Common Problems

A garage door is a large and complex part of your home that you depend on for convenience and security. When it stops working properly, or if you encounter an issue with the system, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, many common problems with garage doors can be fixed simply by following basic safety protocols and DIY instructions. This guide will provide information on how to safely repair common issues with your garage door so you can get back to using it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Before attempting any repairs, please ensure that all safety protocols are followed, including ensuring the power source is disconnected and wearing protective gear when working on the system. Make sure that all children and pets are kept away from the work area and that you read the manual of your specific garage door model thoroughly.

One of the most common issues with a garage door is intermittent closing or opening. This often occurs when there is an obstruction in its path, such as a rock or piece of debris, which causes it to stop before it completes its cycle. To check for this, inspect the tracks of your garage door and make sure that they are clear of any objects. If you find something blocking the tracks, remove it and then try operating the door again.

If your garage door is still not working after trying this, it may be caused by a broken spring or cable. To repair this, you will need to replace the part that is damaged. Be sure to use a torsion spring specifically designed for your door and consult a professional if necessary.

It is important to note that garage doors are complex systems and require specialized knowledge and experience to repair. If you have any doubts about your DIY skills, or if the issue is too complex to fix on your own, please contact a professional garage door repair service in Portsmouth, VA.

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