Barn Door with Mirror

Barn Door with Mirror – Advantages of Using

Barn doors play a fundamental role in integrating environments, combining beauty and functionality to expand space, improve circulation and keep residents closer.

Its flexibility allows spaces to be opened or closed, adapting to a certain occasion, for example: when we receive visitors, the ideal is to hide the mess and leave the intimate environments closed, in addition to reducing noise. See all existing door models in addition to the glass, shrimp, pivoting door.

They are also a great option in small apartments, where there is no useful space for installing a traditional door, or building a masonry wall. Leaning on rails to slide, they take up little space and can divide the environments in an elegant and modern way. There is even a growing trend in the use of barn doors for the bathroom because they offer both privacy and elegance without taking up too much space.

In addition to the classic division of environments, they are also used in various cabinets, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom – when making planned furniture, consider using this type of door to save even more space. An important consideration when planning for barn doors should also be Barn Door Hardware, as the intricate parts like the track, rollers, stops, etc. can play a big role in how well your door functions.

Main materials for sliding doors

Discover now the main materials used in sliding doors:

Glass sliding door

The barn door with mirror is very versatile that used in office, bathroom and other room whether maintaining transparency or with an opaque solution for privacy.

Sliding door made of wood or MDF

Wood and MDF are the preferred materials for sliding doors and are suitable for virtually any environment, whether for the bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen. It is just not recommended for the external area, since moisture can damage the material.

In addition to the different textures and finishes that meet different requirements, your touch is relaxed in hands.

Aluminum sliding door

Aluminum sliding doors, frequently installed with the glass that are the most excellent option for outdoor environments, where this material is strong from natural wear for example humidity, heat and wind.