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Balancing a Stiff Garage Door with Sprung Adjustments

Over time, a garage door can gradually become more difficult to lift as springs lose some of their counterbalancing torque. Small tweaks to spring tension and cable drums could restore smoother operation, saving you from a potentially expensive service call from garage door repair experts. With the right precautions, basic adjustments are doable as a DIY project.

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Look Up at the Springs

First examine the metal extension springs on each side above the door opening for signs of wear. Check for loose coils, rust spots, or uneven gaps that indicate weakening. If these primary lifters appear damaged, consult a pro before handling them further.

Loosen Set Screws Safely

If springs look serviceable, loosen the set screws securing each drum to its shaft using an Allen wrench. Leave screws just loose enough to spin drums, not fall off. Wear safety glasses for added protection when working near springs under high tension.

Gradually Wind Drums Out

With a helper to support any weight shift, hook a cable onto each drum and slowly rotate it to wind more cable onto the shaft. Stop periodically and test for improved balance by manually opening the door halfway. Repeat process on other spring set until appropriate tension reached.

Snug Down Set Screws

Once happy with balancing achieved, retighten set screws to lock drums securely in place. Double check they will not loosen again over continued use. Do not fully torque down yet.

Inspect Cables

In addition, inspect steel lift cables running from tops of doors to cable drums for damage like rust, kinks or fraying. Replace as needed for safety.

Try Final Test

With all set screws retightened, test door operation fully by manually opening and closing it several times. Contact springs and adjust further as required until the right amount of counterbalancing support is found without being too stiff or loose.

Now your heavy door should lift and lower more smoothly on its own, saving energy and trouble. For complex issues, don’t hesitate to consult experts at Garage Door Repair in Petersburg if needed to complete the job right. Minor tuning like this can extend the life and usefulness of older systems.